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Service Level Comparison

An easier way to choose the right package for YOU

Online Marketing      
Accompanied Viewings      
Tenant Referencing      
Advance Rent Collection      
Arrange Tenancy Renewals      
Arrange Certification      
Erect "To Let" Board      
Coordinate Move-In      
Free Deposit Registration      
Rent Collection      
Transfers via Faster Payments      
Chase Late Payments      
Transfer Utilities      
Prepare Legal Paperwork      
Free Check-In Inventory      
Free Check-Out Inventory      
Day to Day Maintenance      
24 Hour Contact Centre      
Property Inspections      
Guaranteed Rent      
Resolving Deposit Disputes      

For landlords that don’t want to deal with the day to day involvement of the tenancy or reside overseas and want to ensure they receive the maximum from their property without any delays or headaches the management service is best suited to their needs.


The David Key Promise

At David Key everything we do is based on our ‘Promise’. This promise is based on 5 ground rules and these rules speak for themselves and need little embellishment. However, it is worth stressing that the rules are applied not just to some parts of our company but all of it to ensure that we provide the best possible customer experience. If we don’t get the clients property seen, someone else will. Nothing is more important than the clients’ needs. Always deliver what we promise. If in doubt, under promise and over deliver. Always treat each property as our own and make sure it gets seen by the world. Help every client find a new home, quickly, efficiently and the way they want it.
Selling your property can be possibly the most daunting task of your life, that’s why we here are David Key try to make it as simple as possible by getting it the attention it needs.
If you're looking for a straight-talking, honest and professional estate agent to let your property, you've come to the right place. Our team of friendly, accredited property professionals are local experts and on hand to help you every step of the way.
We set-up our first David Key office in North London’s rapidly-changing area of New Southgate. With our close-knit team, we worked hard to build a company that both we and our clients could be proud of.